Rediscovering Important Resources

by Jeff.Sheen on March 16, 2012

Treasure Chest

Not so Hidden Treasures:
So in preparing a presentation for a local CIL on starting a youth program, I once again stumbled upon some not so buried treasure on my bookshelf. I was putting together an outline for what to discuss in the 30 minutes I have on the agenda of the monthly board meeting and was stuck. When I get stuck I turn to my bookshelf were I keep all of the handouts and information that I gather during the year as I attend various trainings and conferences. Once again my bookshelf came through for me as I rediscovered some very useful information that has helped me prepare my presentation.

Specifically, I came across my handout from the “Keep it Real: Youth Leadership Development in Centers for Independent Living” conference in Atlanta Georgia back in May of 2010. Reading through this resource one more time gave me some great ideas for my presentation and reminded me that I hadn’t been using the IL NET Youth Resource Wiki the way I should be. The Youth Resource wiki really is a treasure that you need to discover if you haven’t already, or rediscover like me, if you haven’t used it lately.

A wiki is basically a website that is collaboratively developed by members of a community of interest. On the IL NET Youth Resource wiki page you will find on demand video and PowerPoint presentations from the original “Keeping it Real” training in Atlanta, numerous links to youth leadership tools from multiple organizations, and over 25 additional links to youth leadership resources. If you have hit a snag in your current youth program and need some new ideas or if you are still trying to get a program off the ground, swing by the Youth Resource wiki and see what treasures you can find.

One more thing…
Check out the information about the IL Conversation “Youth Transition: Back to the Future”, hosted by APRIL that is taking place next week.

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